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About Us

Live Here Love Here is a positive, people powered campaign focused on improving our local environment and building a sense of civic pride in our local communities.

Most people know us as the anti-litter people but in reality, our work expands to much more than that.

We all want to see positive changes to where we live. We'd all like cleaner streets, less dog fouling and graffiti, more green space and better use of unused and dilapidated buildings. At Live Here Love Here, we are passionate about creating a healthier and greener Northern Ireland which not only affects our physical health but comes with overwhelming social benefits. Through Live Here Love Here we can all do one small thing to help to make a big difference in our communities.

Clean up

Clean up

Litter blights our towns, countryside, beaches and parks, we are encouraging groups and individuals like you to take action and carry out a clean up. We have a number of clean up campaigns that you can join such as the BIG Spring Clean, Clean Coast Programme and Adopt A Spot. Register your clean up and you will receive a free clean up kit to help organise and advertise your event. When you feedback your results you will receive a certificate thanking you for your participation.

How to organise a clean up Create an Event

Green spaces

Green up

Green spaces not only enhance our biodiversity but also our mood, you can carry out a gardening or planting scheme in your local community to keep our towns and villages looking beautiful by enhancing our environment – even more so at work and at school!

Spruce up your space

Spruce up

If there is an overgrown or graffitied 'grot spot' in your area you can take action give it a spruce up!! Improving disused and derelict areas can not only give a visual boost to the problem area but it can have a positive impact on the people living in the community and be a great boost for community pride.