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We all want to see positive changes to where we live. With your help, this campaign will grow the number of people willing to play a part. We'd all like cleaner streets, less dog fouling and graffiti, more green space and better use of unused and derelict buildings. We want to hear any ideas you have to help build a sense of civic responsibility and community pride. We'll support you with the resources you need and together we'll make the places we live so much better for everyone.

Hints and tips

Hints and tips

Planning an event?  In our Hints & Tips guide, we'll advise you how to make sure your event is successful, safe and fun! The guide includes everything from getting the right equipment and assessing any safety risks to organising your team and informing the public. Check out our guide today for some useful hints and tips to consider when organising a clean up.

 Download the Hints and Tips Booklet

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Council Contacts

Participating councils want to hear about your event and will be happy to provide resources to individuals and volunteer groups wishing to complete an environmental or community improvement projects. All projects must focus on improving the environment and promoting civic pride. Our list of contacts makes it easy for you to speak to the right person, so have a look!

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Where should you live

Where should you live

Are you a City Slicker? Or more suited to living in a quiet town? Do you like spending time on the coast, or are you a content living in the suburbs? Answer the questions in this graphic and discover exactly where you should live in Northern Ireland (file size: 2.5Mb).

View the infographic
Free stuff

Free Stuff

You might be surprised how much help you can get with the resources and equipment you need for your event. Live Here Love Here, Councils and Government agencies can help provide refuse sacks, gloves, skips and other useful materials. Even local companies may be happy to provide services, materials and support. Contact us and we'll point you in the right direction!