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The issues

Live Here Love Here is designed to tackle issues such as poor environmental quality, littering and dilapidation, by encouraging volunteers to take practical action in their local communities. By working together, we can start to tackle the negative impact of littering and other environmental behaviours to bring about positive change to our communities.

The issues - litter


Despite a cleaning bill of £43 million every year, litter blights 95% of our streets, and in 2016 15% of sites in Northern Ireland fails to meet government targets for cleanliness. The amount of litter is cited as one of the most important things people would like to see improved in their area. We have a great responsibility to look after Northern Ireland. Lets use bins, take litter home and recycle waste. You can help just by showing your support today.

The issues - dog fouling

Dog fouling

Although it's an offence to allow your dog to foul in a public place, the problem still affects around 6% of sites in Northern Ireland; much more in parks and green areas. No one likes to step in dog mess, and it can carry parasites like the Toxicara Worm. Symptoms include eye disorders, vague ache, dizziness, nausea, asthma and in rare cases, seizures / fits. Dog fouling is a nuisance to pedestrians and walkers, so lets do something about it. 

The issues - fly tipping

Fly tipping

Fly tipping includes everything from throwing a bag of household rubbish in an alleyway or dumping an old washing machine at the roadside, to organized crime dumping thousands of litres of fuel waste into a field or river. Once dumped, the waste becomes the responsibility of the land owner, so an innocent person has to foot the bill for cleaning it up while the criminal makes money from damaging our environment. Help us stop it by pledging your support today.

The issues - disrepair


Derelict or rundown buildings, crumbling walls and overgrown fences can be a focus for anti-social behaviour, and they really spoil the look of an area. Where a structure has become disused or responsibility has become disputed, it may fall into disrepair. It may become a spot for underage drinking, blighted by flytipping or simply an eyesore. We want to support events or campaigns that will improve run down areas and transform them into places we can all enjoy. Show your support for the campaign today!

The issues - staining


Most staining in our towns and cities is caused by chewing gum spat onto pavements. Chewing gum is remarkably tough stuff, and the unsightly blotches it leaves can last for years if not cleaned off. Because it's so tough, it takes either harsh chemicals or 300oC steam to remove gum staining and this can damage the surface, especially if it's tarmac. This means that in some places, the staining cannot actually be removed without replacing the pavement at great expense. All that money and effort to clean up pieces of gum which cost a few pence each, and nothing to dispose of properly.