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BIG Spring Clean

The BIG Spring Clean is Northern Ireland's biggest volunteer clean up and each year we need your help to make it happen!


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The BIG Spring Clean is Northern Ireland's largest community clean-up campaign. Since its inception, 553,571 volunteers have participated in clean-up activities during the Spring months, removing over 800 tonnes of waste! 

It is open to individuals, schools, community groups and businesses from all communities wishing to rid their streets of litter and discarded rubbish. 

You can help in any one of FOUR ways:

  1. Add your signature to show your support and keep updated through our monthly newsletter.
  2. Donate as an independent charity, we need your help to make Northern Ireland a cleaner, safer and healthier place to live in and protect for future generations. Now more than ever. Give today to make a difference to your local community! 
  3. Take part in a clean up check out what's on near you.
  4. Organise your own cleanup and receive a free kit - this includes information on planning your event, a high visibility vest, a poster to publicise your event and bin bags. Your local council may also be able to provide litter pickers and additional equipment (for details check out our Council Contacts page).

                                                                                   Register an Event

Don’t forget to submit the results of your clean up on our website. You can do this once you have created your profile and registered your event. To create a new profile click here. 

Hubert from Greencycling and Greenthinking registered his clean ups on the website and was this year's winner of the handicart!