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Organise your own event

Organising an event is easy

The Live Here Love Here website is full of ideas to help you with your event. From cleaning up of a local area or transforming a neglected part of town into a place where people can relax, follow the simple guide below to plan and promote your event:

Choose location map of Belfast

Firstly, choose where to have your event

Choose somewhere local or an area you know that needs TLC. Think of somewhere that, with a little time and effort, can become a nicer place to be. Whether you're planning a one-off event or a longer campaign, registering your event here is the first step to making your idea become reality.

Drum up support

Finally, let us help you drum up support

Once you have registered your event, you can share the details on the events calendar, allowing everyone to see what is happening in their area and when. You can encourage people to join you using Facebook, Twitter or by word of mouth. We'll give you all the help and guidance you need to promote your event and make it a success.