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Tales of the Times

Each year, the Community Awards have been an opportunity to thank and celebrate environmental heroes who have demonstrated consistent hard work, instilling civic pride and tackling environmental issues in their local community. Although what would have been our fourth annual awards evening was cancelled in November, celebrating volunteers has not been cancelled.

Community action is not cancelled. ‘Doing good’ is not cancelled.

During these unprecedented times, you, our volunteers, adapted quickly to support those most in need in your communities and found ways to continue your activities.

On the 25th March 2021, we showcased a number of these community actions through an online event, to thank you for your efforts and find out a little more about the people behind these stories.

We need volunteers now more than ever, so we wanted to celebrate your gestures of civic pride and community spirit through storytelling and conversation!

Watch the event here 

Go beyond words – “A story, if broken down into the simplest form is a connection of cause and effect.”