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— 2021 Marine litter funded projects

Marine Litter Capital Grants Scheme funded 17 projects. Information on each project can be found below:

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council

Project Location: Jordanstown Loughshore and Hazelbank Park, Shore Road, Newtownabbey

The project will provide solar powered compacting bins and litter picking boards in Jordanstown Loughshore and Hazelbank Park. They will also install 4 water bottle filling stations in both locations.

Ards Canal Path Community Group

Project Location: Ards canal path, Portaferry road Newtownards The group will install 2 bins on Ards canal path to collect litter preventing it from entering the canal and Strangford lough.

Blackwater Community Barge

Project Location: Blackwater River from Blackwatertown to the mouth of Lough Neagh

The project involves manufacturing and placing a bubble curtain under the Blackwater river along the river bed. The bubbles that are created will rise to the surface, creating a barrier and directing rubbish that flows along the river to move into a catchment area where it can be collected. The project will also enable the group to alter their existing boat to remove collected rubbish and purchase bins and storage.

Citizen Sea

Project location: Belfast Harbour & Bangor Marina

The project will purchase a manually operated Wasteshark to target litter in hard to reach areas of Belfast Harbour and Bangor Marina. The equipment will remove litter and biohazardous material from the surface of the water, preventing it from drifting further out to sea or reaching the sea bed.

Cloughey & District Community Association

Project location: Cloughey Car Park

The project will enable the group to install a water bottle filling station for public use at the side of the toilet block at the south end of the Cloughey Car park which is a central location in the village.

Donaghadee Community Development Association

Project Location: Coastline in Donaghadee in particular* Ballyvester Beach* The 2 beaches on the shorefront of the town* The Beach at Pinks Green

The group will work with 4 schools in the region (Donaghadee Primary School, St Anne's Primary School, Ballyvester Primary School, Killard Special School) who will have their own designated area of coastline to litter pick. They will then analyse the litter collected. They will also purchase equipment enabling them to collect water samples for analysis.

Enagh Youth Forum

Project Location: The Rover Foyle Generally & In Particular The East Bank of the River Foyle located below the village of Strathfoyle (Otters Bank)

The group will work in partnership with Enagh paddlers canoe club to purchase a fleet of kayaks for the purpose of removing litter from the river Foyle and keeping the banks free from litter.

Greater Shantallow Area Partnership

Project Location: Bay Road Park, Bay Road, Derry

The project will purchase 4 x bird litter bins for installation in the Bay Park Road area to remind people of the impacts of litter on wildfowl birds in the Foyle system.

Killard Square Residents

Project Location: Ballyhornan Beach

The project will tackle the litter on Ballyhornan Beach. It will fund a Take a Basket installation to encourage the community to get involved and pick up litter while taking a walk on the beach. The project will also install ballot bins which are an interactive way of encouraging responsible disposal of cigarette butts.

Killyleagh Community Association

Project Location: Killyleagh town

The project will install a number of bins around Killyleagh, 6 black bins in the town centre, 14 made from recycled materials around the shore, 2 bins in the playpark and 2 in the local primary schools. All of the bins will be fitted with lockable frames, enabling educational posters and artwork created by local children to be inserted.

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

Project Location: Carrickfergus Marina and Glenarm Marina

The project will enable the council to increase number and capacity of litter bins around Carrickfergus and Glenarm Marinas. The bins will have graphic frames installed which will have links to marketing and social media campaigns to help reduce litter and raise awareness of the impact of plastic pollution.

Northern Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority

Project Location: Ardglass Harbour, Portavogie Harbour

The project involves purchasing 2 sweeper machines which will be used on 2 out of the 3 harbours the group manage – Ardglass and Portavogie. The machines pick up litter on the ground quickly and easily and fishing nets efficiently. This will enable litter left behind by both fishermen and visitors/tourists to be cleared away before entering the water at the harbor.

Rostrevor Men’s Shed

Project Location: The Rover Foyle Generally & In Particular The East Bank of the River Foyle located below the village of Strathfoyle (Otters Bank)

The project will enable the group to purchase equipment to facilitate transporting the litter they collect at the weekends to the recycling centre themselves as the local council will no longer pick up on weekends.

Sea2it C.I.C

Project Location: Bann Estuary and North Coast, from the Cutts in Coleraine to the Barmouth at Castlerock, and east around the coast as far as Ballintoy

The project involves equipping Sea2it's existing donated rib with new engines, safety equipment (to Maritime and Coastguard Agency standards) and tubes. It will enhance the range and nature of litter identification, recording, removal and prevention activities which volunteers can undertake. They will also purchase equipment to facilitate more effective and safe collection, removal and recycling of litter from the marine environment, and enhanced capability to transport materials for undertaking litter prevention activities.

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council

Project Location: Newry, Warrenpoint, Delamont Country Park

The project will enable the council to purchase a Seabin to place in either Newry Canal or Warrenpoint seafront. This acts as a floating bin, intercepting floating debris, macro and microplastics. They will also use the funding to install a drinking water fountain in Delamont Country Park, encouraging people to reuse bottles and reduce the use of single use plastic bottles.

Ulster Speleological Society and Caving Club

Project Location: The Sea cave is located in a small bay in Runkerry, County Antrim, not far from the Giant's Causeway. A short trip by boat will be required to reach it, as it is inaccessible by land.

The group have identified caves on the north coast heavily polluted with litter. Through the project the group will purchase the required rope and nets and using their specialist skills, safely remove the litter for responsible disposal. They would clean up the caves yearly and encourage other caving groups to replicate in caves near them.