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Small Grants Scheme

Live Here Love Here Small Grants Scheme 2023
Photo courtesy of Friends of Rosetta            

Watch this space for news about the launch of Small Grants Scheme 2024!

Since 2014, the Live Here Love Here Small Grants Scheme has supported local communities through funding projects focused on environmental and community development. Looking ahead, the 2024 Small Grants Scheme will reopen in the late summer, offering another exciting opportunity to apply for funding for projects aimed at revitalising shared greenspaces to benefit both the community and the environment. This grant scheme seeks to:

  • Foster civic pride and enhance the environment by creating high-quality, shared outdoor-spaces.
  • Transform neglected spaces into vibrant and valued community places by introducing habitats and improving visitor access.
  • Implement initiatives that enable nature recovery and climate-conscious actions.
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of communities through contributing to the upkeep and improvement of public spaces.
  • Enhance the quality of the local environment by reducing littering and dog fouling through community action.

The 2023 Scheme

The Small Grants Scheme for the year 2023-24 saw an impressive number of applications, totaling 454. This includes an encouraging 249 new applicants showing interest to the scheme and to environmental and community development. This year was particularly successful, with a significant 89 projects completing their grant project. The total investment allocated amounted to a whooping £113,760! 


The Small Grants Scheme is funded by 9 local councils and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, and is supported by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.