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Adopt A Spot

Adopt A Spot Northern Ireland

Join us in making a tangible difference—one Spot at a time!

Welcome to the Adopt A Spot project, where we believe that everyone has the power to enhance their community and make it a more vibrant and sustainable place to live. Through this project, individuals, families, schools, businesses, and community organisations are invited to take stewardship of a local area of their choice.

Our mission is simple yet impactful: Encourage pride in local environments and foster responsibility towards the local environment. By focusing on one "Spot" at a time, we are dedicated to enhancing the cleanliness and biodiversity of our streets and neighborhoods, revitalising underused spaces and building stronger community bonds.

Current Impact:

  • 1,264 Groups actively involved
  • 1,289 "Spots" being revitalised
  • 21,400 Volunteers making a difference

How to Get Involved

1. Choose Your Spot: 

Identify a location you’re passionate about. It could be a littered stretch of beach, an unkempt alley, or simply your neighborhood street. Ensure the spot is safe and accessible. Remember to secure permission for any privately owned land.

2. Plan Your Activities: 

Decide on the initiatives you want to implement at your Spot. Options range from planting for pollinators and installing wildlife habitats to growing produce and organising clean ups. Tailor your activities to suit your group’s interests and the needs of the location. If you intend to conduct litter picking activities, you can find guidance here.

3. Register: 

Create or log in your Live Here Live Here profile. Navigate to 'My Profile' and under 'Grants/Awards', select 'Adopt A Spot'. You can apply for one or multiple Spots if coordinating a group. When you sign up to Adopt A Spot, you agree to maintain your Spot, adhere to our Clean-Up Safety Guidelines, and log your activities and their outcomes.

4. Log Your Progress:

After each event, log into your profile, go to 'My Profile', and under 'Profile Management', click '+ Add new event' to record the specifics of your clean-up. You’ll be able to enter details like the number of volunteers, bags collected, and duration of the activity.

You will receive an annual 'Impact Survey' via email for you to complete. Filling this out lets us know how you're getting on in your Spot and what additional assistance you require.

Need More Information?

We’re here to help! If you have questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.